Our Beer

At Beech Bank Brewing, we have our standard favorites and some seasonal choices. Our selection evolves, so visit us at our Beech Grove location to see what’s on tap. Better yet, ask your favorite local watering hole to carry our brews.

Here is what’s brewing now at Beech Bank!

1.Kanu Bier •   Hefeweizen •   5.4% ABV •   14 IBUMore Info ▸

Inspired from south Germany, brought to you from south of Indianapolis. It’s our easy drinking variety that’s slightly yeasty and perfect cloudy colored. A good starter beer for newbie craft lovers, served with or without the citrus. It’s a great choice for steering your ship of amber dreams. This hefeweizen was made with American wheat malt, German hops, and Weihenstephan yeast.

2.BB Irish Red •   Red Ale – Irish •   5.7% ABV •   22 IBUMore Info ▸

Our Irish Red ale is a perfect blend of malt and hops with a hint of rye. It’s not too sweet and it’s not too hoppy, so it doesn’t bomb your tongue into submission. The russet color is reminiscent of fall leaves just before winter.

3.Southside Python •   IPA – American •   5.5% ABV •   44 IBUMore Info ▸

The India Pale Ale is, in general, the most commonly liked craft brew in the US right now. It’s hip, it’s cool, and it’s more complex than the three letters imply. The question is “are we the east coast or west coast variety?” Let’s just say we are the IndiaNA Pale Ale variety,,,a perfect blend of malt and wheat…a prefect blend of east coast style and west coast life style. Since its local, we named it after the snake that got loose nearby. Enjoy; and make sure you keep track of the cat!

4.Roch Bock •   Bock – Single / Traditional •   6.2% ABV •   23 IBUMore Info ▸

Roch Bock is Beech Bank Brewing’s traditional style lager. It is medium amber in color and has been aged to provide a smooth and clean taste. It is a tribute to traditional German ancestors like Johan and Hedwig Roch, two of the nicest people anyone could have ever met.

5.Sweet Porter •   Porter – American •   5.2% ABV •   22 IBUMore Info ▸

Our brown porter started its life as a stout recipe, but this ugly duckling grew up into a beautiful dark brown swan with notes of chocolate and coffee. It’s got a smooth finish that hits you just right.

6.Beech Bank Blonde •   Blonde Ale •   5.5% ABV •   30 IBUMore Info ▸

Our blonde ale was designed to be a simple and light weight beer. A lot of beer geeks like a super hopped up, high alcohol beers, but we wanted something closer to a “craft” session beer. The result is a beer that is not too heavy on IBUs but is heads and shoulders above more traditional American light lagers in the taste category, It’s a great beer for piloting a lawn chair on warm days; or a bar stool on cool ones.

7.Dark Solstice •   Stout – Imperial / Double •   8.2% ABV •   60 IBUMore Info ▸

This dark beer is like sunshine for your spirit while you wait for spring. It’s the perfect balance of malty and hoppy, dark with some chocolate and coffee notes. But be careful…at 8.2% ABV it’s a big beer.

8.Pumpkin Red •   Red Ale – Irish •   5.7% ABV •   22 IBU Displaying all 8 items

This beer is a seasonal twist on our Irish Red. The pumpkin spice pairs nicely with the malty character of the Red.